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About US
Who We Are?
KC Agro, established in 2014, is an agricultural company that owns and operates 3 agricultural farms totalling 10,000 hectares in Romania. The company invests in farming operations and agricultural land in Romania, where it can create value by expanding and optimising operations.
Why Romania?

Current land price levels in Romania are significantly lower than other EU peers indicating a substantial upside potential. Furthermore, Romania's climate and soil quality let us produce various crops in a healthy way.

Our Products

We produce conventional agricultural products such as cereals and oilseeds. In addition, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio with more value-added products such as sugarbeet, hemp and blueberries.

The Management Team

Ali Çapa

Managing Partner

Investments and Finance

Ali Capa is the Acquisitions and Financial Management Managing Partner of KC Agro with over 12 years of experience in Romania, predominantly functioning in the real estate market. Prior to KC Agro, he was the CFO and CIO of Anchor Group S.A., one of the leading real estate development companies in Romania.

After Anchor Grup, he headed several investments in a portfolio of real estate investments in Romania including residential (Incity Residences, Cosmopolis), warehousing, commercial (Barba Center) and several land-bank assets. He is currently the managing partner in all the investments listed above.

Ali has a BA degree in Mathematics and Economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Ertuğrul Karaevli

Managing Partner


Ertugrul Karaevli is the Operations Managing Partner of KC Agro responsible for farming operations.

Ertugrul has more than 30 years of experience in farming. During this period he mainly cultivated grain, sunflowers, onions, and rapeseed. He currently operates 400 hectares in the Tekirdağ region in Turkey. In 2006 he started a fully integrated apple plantation including packaging and cool storage facilities. Now, the company Karfrut (, which is considered one of the most modern production facilities in Turkey, stores, and packages about 3.000 tons of apples per year and distributes to all regions of Turkey and to many big supermarket chains such as Metro, Carrefour, and Dia. He is a founding member of the Onder Ciftci Project, a joint technical collaboration agreement between German and Turkish governments aimed at educating farmers, improving farming techniques and yields by introducing modern technologies and methodologies in agriculture.

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