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Timisoara Farm

“Timisoara Farm” is a 6,551 hectares farm situated in the western part of Romania, near Timisoara.

Owned: 1,811 ha

Leasehold: 4,740 ha

Acquisition date: 2020

Investment Rationale 

  • Good compaction level of land that ensures efficiency in operations.

  • Possibility to grow operations by acquiring leasehold and freehold land in the area.

  • Existing irrigation network for growing high-value crops such as sugar-beet (approx. 600 hectares) to ensure steady returns in years of low rainfall.

  • Suitable for blueberry cultivation in terms of climate, soil conditions and land compaction.

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Ianca Farm
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KC Agro Impact 

  • Improve existing machinery park and build a modern silo facility.

  • Acquire an irrigation system on up to 1,100 hectares in order to cultivate sugarbeet and other high-value crops.

  • Develop a 100 hectares blueberry plantation within the first 3 years with a storage and cooling facility.

  • Convert an additional 500 hectares to intensive farming activities.

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